Weddings are a special occasion and planning them is no small feat. From choosing your perfect wedding attire, picking out wedding rings, to arranging the venue and selecting the wedding cake – every detail matters. While preparing for your big day can be exciting, it is also a significant investment. So, it’s crucial to think about something else as part of your wedding planning – Wedding Insurance UK.

A wedding insurance policy is not merely a piece of paper; it’s your financial safety net, ensuring you’re protected if something unforeseen happens. From a simple slip that damages your wedding dress to serious weather conditions forcing a last-minute cancellation, a wedding insurance policy can provide cover.

The first question you might ask is: “Do I need wedding insurance?” Simply put, if you want peace of mind knowing that you’re financially protected, then wedding insurance is a good idea. Suppose one of your wedding suppliers fails to deliver, or a close relative cannot attend due to illness causing you to postpone the wedding. In that case, a wedding insurance policy can cover the costs of rearranging the wedding ceremony.

Wedding insurance cover is not just for the big-ticket items, like your venue. It also protects smaller, but essential aspects of your wedding day like your wedding gifts, wedding attire, and even ceremonial swords if you’re having a military wedding. It can even provide cover for stolen or damaged items, protecting your wedding bands and other essential items.

The cost of wedding insurance varies. Several factors influence wedding insurance cost, like the total cost of your wedding and the level of cover you want. When you compare wedding insurance, ensure you check the small print of each policy to understand what is covered and what is not.

Choosing the best wedding insurance provider can be a task. Each insurance provider offers different wedding insurance packages. Some might give a comprehensive cover for every aspect of your wedding, while others may only cover the basics. It’s up to you to decide what coverage you need and find the best wedding insurance that suits your requirements.

So, what does a standard wedding insurance policy cover? It primarily includes cancellation cover, should your wedding have to be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. It may also cover public liability, providing protection if a wedding guest is injured or if there’s damage to the wedding venue.

Public liability insurance is an essential part of your wedding insurance policy, as it provides cover if someone is injured or their property is damaged at your wedding. Public liability cover can also protect you against any legal costs you may have to pay if someone decides to sue.

As you can see, a wedding insurance policy offers crucial protection for your big day. It ensures that if the unfortunate event of a cancellation or mishap does occur, you won’t be left out of pocket and lose money.

Delving Deeper into Wedding Insurance Coverage

One might wonder, “What exactly does a wedding insurance cover?” As we mentioned earlier, policies can vary significantly depending on the insurance provider and the level of cover you choose. However, most standard wedding insurance policies cover certain key aspects.

Public Liability Cover

This is one of the most critical aspects of any wedding insurance policy. Public liability insurance provides cover in the event of injury or property damage at your wedding. It can also protect against legal costs if a claim is made against you. Be sure to check the level of public liability cover in the small print of your policy.

Cancellation Cover

Cancellation cover provides financial protection if you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, extreme weather, or jury service. The policy should cover the cost of rearranged services or lost deposits.

Cover for Wedding Suppliers

Should a wedding supplier go bust or fail to provide the promised service, your wedding insurance policy could cover the cost of finding an alternative supplier or recovering the money you’ve paid.

Coverage for Wedding Attire, Gifts, and Rings

Wedding insurance policies can cover the cost of repairing or replacing items such as ceremonial attire, wedding rings, and gifts if they are stolen, lost, or damaged.

Additional Cover

Other areas covered by some policies include marquee cover, to protect against damage to hired marquees, and financial failure of your wedding venue. A few policies even offer Covid-19 cover, ensuring you’re protected if the pandemic affects your big day.

When it comes to deciding the level of cover you need, think about the total cost of your wedding. You’ll want to ensure that your policy cover is sufficient to reimburse you should the worst happen. Don’t forget to read the small print of each policy to understand what’s covered, what’s not, and any conditions that may apply.

What About Weddings Abroad?

Planning a destination wedding or getting married abroad? In that case, you’ll need to ensure that your wedding insurance policy extends to overseas weddings. It’s worth noting that you’ll likely need to buy separate travel insurance to cover travel-related issues.

Choosing and Buying Wedding Insurance in the UK

How to Choose the Best Wedding Insurance Provider

Choosing the best wedding insurance provider for your big day can be a daunting task. When comparing providers, consider what level of cover they provide, the cost, and any additional benefits included in the package. Also, remember to check if they’ve received any awards such as the Insurance Choice Awards, which could vouch for their service quality.

Wedding Insurance for Destination Weddings

If you’re planning a destination wedding, it’s essential to ensure your wedding insurance policy covers overseas weddings. However, keep in mind that while wedding insurance can cover circumstances specific to the wedding day, it won’t usually cover travel-related mishaps. It’s advisable to buy separate travel insurance for such situations.

Reading the Fine Print

Before you buy wedding insurance, make sure to read the small print. Understand what’s covered, what’s not, and whether there are any circumstances where the policy won’t pay out.

When to Buy Wedding Insurance

Ideally, you should buy wedding insurance as soon as you start making bookings and paying deposits for your wedding. This ensures that your financial investment is protected right from the start.

Understanding the Coverage

Make sure you understand what each wedding insurance policy covers. Does it include public liability insurance? What about cancellation cover? Check how much each policy will pay out for each aspect of your wedding.

Special Considerations

Remember, standard wedding insurance policies may not cover everything. If you’re planning a wedding with special considerations, such as a destination wedding or a wedding involving ceremonial swords, you might need a specialist insurance.

Once you have chosen a provider and a policy that suits your needs, the process to buy wedding insurance is usually straightforward. Most insurance providers offer the option to purchase a policy online. Simply fill out a form, provide the necessary details about your wedding, and pay the premium.

It’s important to buy wedding insurance as soon as you start making bookings and paying deposits. This way, you’ll be covered from the outset.

Comparing Wedding Insurance Policies

Look at what each wedding insurance provider offers, read the small print, and compare. Consider what aspects of your wedding are most important to you and need protection. Also, factor in the cost of the wedding insurance policy. Different providers have varying premiums depending on the level of cover they provide.

Destination Wedding Insurance

If you’re having a destination wedding or a wedding abroad, consider providers who specialize in such coverage. They might provide more comprehensive coverage for overseas weddings than standard policies. Don’t forget to consider the laws and regulations of the country you’re getting married in and check whether your policy offers the needed protection.

Buying Wedding Insurance

Buying wedding insurance is relatively straightforward. Once you’ve decided on your provider, you can typically purchase a policy online. You’ll need to provide details about your wedding date, venue, and estimated costs. Remember that you can buy insurance as soon as you start making bookings and purchases for your big day.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protected can make your wedding day even more enjoyable. Whether it’s a grand church wedding, a small civil ceremony, or a beachfront vow exchange, wedding insurance offers the financial protection you need. In the final part of our guide, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about wedding insurance in the UK.


1. How much is wedding insurance on average?

The cost of wedding insurance varies depending on the level of coverage, the total cost of the wedding, and the provider. As of 2023, basic cover can start from around £20, while more comprehensive policies can cost several hundred pounds.

2. Should you insure your wedding?

Yes, insuring your wedding can provide financial protection and peace of mind. It can cover various mishaps, from supplier failure, venue cancellation, to stolen or damaged wedding rings or attire.

3. Can you get wedding insurance after booking?

Yes, you can get wedding insurance after making bookings for your wedding. However, it’s generally a good idea to get insurance as soon as you start making deposits and purchases for your wedding.

4. Is wedding insurance a one time payment?

Yes, wedding insurance is typically a one-time payment that provides cover up until the wedding date.